7/11/07 - Qaz's Quest 2: Castle of Darkness Update

I've been putting a lot of work into the next Qaz's Quest adventure.
I'm hoping that it will be ready for release by late Summer or early
Fall. I'm adding new elements to the game that I hadn't planned
on originally that I'm sure will give the game that extra kick.
Stay tuned!

3/14/07 - Qaz's Quest 2 Info on NG Alphas

Want some more info on Qaz's Quest 2: Castle of Darkness? Check it out at NG Alphas!

2/4/07 - Launch of the Qaz's Quest Official Site

Well, I finally got the website up and running. I'll be constantly adding new content as time progresses. Be sure to check out all the different sections:

Games - Get info on different Qaz's Quest Adventures, including screenshots, background info, and release dates.

Mailbag - Got questions? Comments? Drop an e-mail in the mailbag and you may get it posted and answered on the Mailbag page.

Downloads - Get hot downloads, like Qaz's Quest adventures or wallpapers.

Contact - Want to get in touch? Drop a line.



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